The Art of Zen(thon)

Alan Zenthon

On this page Foresters  coach and experienced archer Alan Zenthon will share his advice, tips and guidance – with information ranging from basic information for people looking to get into the sport all the way through to advanced techniques and information for the more advanced archer.

General Information

Costs – In this attachment Alan outlines the prices for equipment that people looking to get into the sport can expect – this page includes prices for Recurve, Compound and Longbows.

Safety – In this attachment you will find guidance on safe conduct whilst shooting.

Shooting Safety Rules – This attachment contains guidance on outdoors shooting rules – This attachment is courtesy of Melton Mowbray Archery Club.

Glossary of terms – If you are new to the sport or simply interested in giving it a try this page is essential in helping you to understand the language of the archer.

A Reference Guide for Recurve Archers – This attachment is a great to everything in the world of the recurve archer – with guidance on bow setup, training techniques, bow tuning.

Equipment Checklist – A simple checklist to help keep track of your kit.

Compound Bows.

Draw Force Lines and the Compound Bow – This article helps you to determine the Archers natural draw length through the use of the correct Draw Force Line.
Compound Bow Wheel Synchronisation – this is a tuning guide for compound bows explaining how to the synch the cam wheels.

Longbows – An area close to Alan’s heart.

Longbow Anecdotes – A few stories from Alan’s years as a Longbowman.

The Romance of the Longbow – A bit of history of one of the weapons of war that made England a power to be reckoned with for hundreds of years.

Longbow for Schools – A series of Longbow related lessons for teachers to use.

Coaching Longbows – Alan’s tips on how to cope an Archer to shoot a longbow successfully.

Tuning Lowbows– Alan’s tips for tuning a longbow for better performance.

Training Techniques and Tips

The front bow arm in archery – In this article Alan sets out the importance of the front bow arm, its positioning and the pressure point in the bow hand.

Centring – This is a method of concentration, or a way of removing the conscious from physical activity that will help keep your anxiety in check and have a calming effect on your emotions.

Breath – In this article Alan outlines a variety of breathing exercises that archers can use to try and control tension and find their inner peace.

The Black Box Routine – No this is not a dance routine from the 1980’s, instead it is a really useful mental technique, which if mastered allows you to place your worries and concerns within a mental “black box” – keeping them from introuding on your mind while you are on the line.

The Whole Thing – In this article Alan outlines the key elements that an archer needs to develop to achieve their potential.

How Adults Learn – Alan’s tips and guidance on how to explain new concepts and ideas to adults.

Feeling your body – In this article Alan explains how the various parts of the body should be to help your shooting.

Sipur – This is an arrow guide, either on the bow hand or more usually on the bow. It allows a shorter arrow to be shot.