Taking It Further

Once you’ve completed your beginner’s course and started shooting regularly, it’s time to start honing your technique. There are a few ways to track your progress as an archery: improving your handicap, working towards earning the various classifications available, or having a go at the 252 challenge. Or you can just shoot for fun on our club field, which is open during daylight hours 365 days a year. During the summer on Tuesday evenings our coaches are available to give advice and help archers of all abilities to improve.

Experienced Foresters trainer Alan Zenthon has a wealth of advice for archers of all skill levels, whether you’re just starting out or a long-term shooter.

Our Coaching Officer has recently taken delivery of a wide range of equipment from Merlin Archery. This is now available for all members to try out (for a small hire fee) to give you a feel for what you like before you commit to buy. If you decide to buy the equipment via the club, then the hire fee will be refunded. We can also arrange for a 1:1 session where a range of equipment can be tried, or to set up and tune your own equipment once you have bought it. Speak to or email Paul Broome-Faulkner for more details.