Beginners’ Courses

Leicester Ancient Order of Foresters Archery Club offers regular archery beginners’ courses, supervised and taught by a minimum of two coaches drawn from our coaching team of Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) trained and qualified coaches. We endeavour to ensure that there is a ratio of at least one instructor for every 3 or 4 beginners at every lesson to ensure you get the attention you need as you learn.

We have a set of beginners courses starting in June, and will arrange some more for later in the year; please click here to see the dates and how to book your place.

Each course consists of 6 weekly sessions lasting two hours each (although the first lesson is normally a little longer because of the time taken to issue equipment). The club provides all the archery equipment you will require; we strongly recommend that you do not purchase any archery equipment until after the course.

At the successful conclusion of your beginner’s course you will be invited to apply to join the club and the GNAS. Membership of the GNAS provides you with ongoing liability insurance: an essential requirement if you wish to shoot. You are not permitted to shoot at any venue, including the club ground, if you do not have GNAS membership. Unlike full club members, beginners are only insured to shoot during their lessons and while supervised.

The Club’s teaching and novice equipment is made available to hire for those who have just completed a beginner’s course, until they have obtained suitable equipment of their own. Dates when the equipment may be available must be pre-booked with the equipment officer and we cannot guarantee that a coach will be available. Advice on suitable equipment for the individual archer to purchase will be provided by the coaches during these sessions.

Once you have your own equipment you will find that help and advice is readily available from other club members and the coaching team is more than willing to assist with ad-hoc coaching. Formal ongoing coaching for individuals or groups can be arranged.

Please note that juniors (those under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or designated guardian while on the field. For juniors to be able to shoot an adult archer, who is prepared to take responsibility, must be present.

For more information on booking a beginners’ course, please click here.