Beyond Beginners Course

February 23, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
LAOFAC Club Ground
Alan Zenthon
Beyond Beginners Course @ LAOFAC Club Ground
This is a five week course to follow on from a beginners’ course. Its object is to provide the archer with a self improvement process.
Course Content:
Saturdays starting time 12.30 am for about an hour, please bring along food & drink.
23rd February – overview / philosophy, shot routine, stance (horizontal aspects)
2nd March – bow shoulder / arm, hand / wrist
9th March – draw arm, hand / fingers, DFL (draw force line)
16th March – head / eyes / reference / sight picture, completion of shot / creating a platform
23rd March – stance (vertical aspects), the matrix
In each session explanations are given on how the body works, each participant then experiences how their body works by use of sensory pictures, and finally this is related to Archery GB’s technical model and what is recommended for our international archers.
It is open to all club members & the venue is the Club Hut.
No equipment required as it is all provided.

The cost is £10 per participant, to cover cost of clingy bands and briefing notes.

It is designed & run by Alan Zenthon, coach of over 35 years experience & winner of over 40 open tournaments with a Recurve, Barebow & Long Bow.