L&R 300

 2017/18 Results

What is the L&R 300?

The Leicestershire & Rutland 300 is open to all clubs affiliated to Leicestershire & Rutland County Archery Association, and is shot each month from October to March with the exception of December. Scores are submitted at the end of each month, and results are updated here so you can keep an eye on your club’s progress.

The L&R 300 round consists of a dozen arrows at three different target faces arranged together on the same boss, a Portsmouth, a FITA 18 and a Worcester, 3 dozen arrows in total. The maximum score achievable is 300, hence the name of the round.

The suggested shooting pattern is 3 ends of 4 arrows at each target, but it can also be shot in 2 ends of 6 arrows if time is really short. The round progresses quite quickly and can easily be accommodated within an evening session.

Basic Rules

  • The round may be shot any number of times by an archer in the designated period and the best score entered. However, the round can only be shot ONCE per session.
  • 3 archers of any bow discipline will make up a team; the 3 best scorers in a month form the first team, the next 3 the second etc. A teams members therefore may vary from month to month.
  • Two ends of 4 arrows may be shot as sighters.
  • For compound archers the inner 10 ring rule applies on the Portsmouth and FITA 18 faces.
  • For compound archers the ‘X’ count should be recorded when shooting the 5 Spot Worcester.

Target Face Setup

L&R 300 Compound Target Face SetupL&R 300 Compound Target Face Setup

The round uses three indoor faces on the same boss – a Portsmouth, a FITA 18 and a Worcester.

It consists of 1 dozen arrows at each face and the maximum score is therefore 300. The suggested shooting pattern is 3 ends of 4 arrows i.e. a total of 9 ends.

Archers may shoot the first end at a chosen face and then rotate clockwise around the boss for each subsequent end. This adds a little variety to the round.

Alternatively, three archers may shoot at the 3 different faces in the same end: Archer A would shoot at the Portsmouth Face, Archer B at the FITA 18 and Archer C at the Worcester. If rotating after each end or each dozen arrows the archers should change positions to avoid shooting across each other.

The distance to shoot will be 20 yards.


Medals will be awarded to archers who have shot at least 3 out of the 5 months.

Team medals will be issued to 3 archers only. To be decided by the number of months archers have appeared in the team during the season, scores will be taken into account if required.

Individual medals for the highest placed Juniors and Seniors will be presented at the L&RCAA Awards Evening in November along with the Charlesworth Cup for the winning Junior Team and a Senior Cup donated by Melton Mowbray Archery Club for the winning Senior team.

LAOFAC Team Entries

Score sheets will be available during indoor shooting sessions. Please fully complete your score sheets including the date and bow type and hand them in to Gill. Score sheets must be submitted by the cut-off dates (see the top of this page). Any scores submitted after these dates cannot be considered for entry (for that month anyway). The website will be updated each month to reflect the current tournament results. Entry is free of charge so please enter scores if you can!

L&R 300 Scoresheet


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