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Blaby Tox – Information and updated session dates

Message from Phil Cox;

remaining summer dates for when Blaby Tox are on the field.
July 2017
1st Tox session
29th Tox Session

August 2017
12th Tox Session
26th Tox Session

There is no session on 15th July.

Also I have to inform you, Graham Preston who is Chairperson and who was in  charge of Blaby Tox, both Graham and his Wife Jane, have decided to quit  Blaby Tox and Archery forthwith due to ill health.

I am not sure about the future of Blaby Tox Archery Club, as at the moment, I am the only one responsible for the Club, with the help with Ann Smith who is our Treasurer.

As Blaby tox members have Archery GB membership up to the end of August when renewals are due, we will carry on with the few members that turn up, after that, is when we will need to decide, what to do next. I would like to thank you for your help in the past, with setting up our sessions, and for letting us able to shoot on your field and hall, if you need to contact me, you can either email me here at or on 07754296065.

From Phil Cox,
Blaby Tox Secretary

Blaby Tox Archery Sessions

Had An Idea?

LAOFAC is your club and the committee would love to hear your ideas about what direction you would like see it to go in.

You are more than welcome to do this via the committee meetings, see the events calendar for future dates, but if you can’t make them or you just have a Eureka moment you can send us your suggestions either via the Member Suggestions page (you require the Gate Access code to access it)  or the paper form and suggestions box in the Clubhouse .

Updated Shooting Procedure

Archery GB’s New Insurance from April 2017 means we have to adjust our way of shooting.

1/ Compound archers need to shoot on the middle lanes for all distances. The field will be marked out to show the lanes available.

2/ Most of time we will need to shoot as one detail, i.e. all together with one whistle. A senior archer will become the Field Captain.

3/ In the event of archers wanting to shoot in two details, they must use the red rope, which is twenty yards long,  which can be found in the Clubhouse kitchen within the island cupboard . This must be lain and left on the shooting line to denote a “No Go area” between the two details, if there is room. If there is not the room, then everyone will shoot as one detail.