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Committee Meeting Schedule

Alan has put together a schedule for committee meetings until the end of the year.

In brief they are to be held in the Club House on the first Monday of the month starting at 7:30pm.

Meetings are open to all members.
If any member has ideas or suggestions, please talk to any committee member, fill in a suggestions form in the club house or here or you can send the secretary an email and it will be considered at the next meeting

Committee Meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting 2018

Dear members

If there is more than one member in the household, please ensure that all of them have access to this notice and attachments.

This is to notify you of the LAOFAC Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on Saturday 28th April 2018 at the Club Field, Countesthorpe, LE5 8QW. Please arrive for 10.00am. After the EGM there will be a free food/refreshments for members.

Topics for this meeting

Outstanding Items from the AGM of 24th March 2018.
After sending out the notification of the AGM to members, our Secretary, Craig Porter had to stand down and was unable to send out the necessary supporting documents, which meant that the meeting was unable to discharge all the required agenda items. The AGM went ahead on a limited basis, and the members present asked me, as acting Secretary, to convene an EGM to cover the outstanding items (Approval of Minutes and Accounts, Election of Officers, Fees for 2018/9).

Due to the deferment of the AGM item for fees to the end of April, the setting of fees could not be done before the normal increase date of 1 April. Although there is a need to increase fees to replenish reserves and to ensure any increase in GNAS fees are covered, it would not be sensible to retrospectively apply an increase to the significant number of members whose due date is 1 April (all members of 2 years or more), or to penalise newer members with a ‘mid year’ increase. The committee therefore propose to keep the fees at the same level, but serve notice that it may be necessary to significantly increase them next year.

Amendments to the Club Structure and Constitution

At the committee meeting on 31 March 2018, it was decided the EGM was an ideal time to tidy up and make some changes to the constitution, with a view to:

  • In line with AGB’s recommendation (when they changed the fee structure for Junior and disabled archers), we will amalgamate the 3 clubs into a single entity by dissolving the Junior and Disabled Clubs, ie all affected members will now join the main club directly (in the relevant Junior and Disabled Membership class). Existing members will be transferred immediately.
  • Tidy up the Articles with references to Fees to be less ambiguous.
  • Reduce the onerous requirement to have 20% of all members present to be quorate at an AGM. The model constitution for a Charitable Incorporated Organisation uses 5%, however the committee recommends a compromise of 10% including any proxy votes, with a minimum 5% in person, as a reasonable number to ensure ordinary members continue to have a say.

All specific amendments to the articles of the constitution are detailed in the attached resolutions.

Election of Officers

All posts on the Committee are up for re-election at the AGM. Nominations for Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and the 6 ordinary committee members can be made by Wednesday 25th April on the nomination form in the club hut.

Voting on Resolutions and Elections.

If you are unable to attend, but wish to ensure your vote is counted on any of the resolutions, please use the attached form to appoint a proxy. You may choose any member to vote on your behalf.

Could you please let me know if you are intending to attend the EGM, via email, by Wednesday 25th April.

Kind regards,

Neill Brown – Acting Secretary

Please follow the link below to the AGM Minutes page to review the EGM documents. The page requires the Gate Access code as the password, if you do not have the code please email

AGM Minutes

Get Back to Archery Event

Gill Brown has arranged a special day for anyone who has maybe not shot for a while or is new to the sport, to be able to get some help and advice on setting up their bow, finding out more about the sport, trying a different bow or having a refresher lesson.

If you have been shooting for years and years you might be willing to help others or just come along, pick up some tips or just meet up and have a laugh.

The event is free (including refreshments) and open to all members and those who have recently done a beginners course. There will be various coaches and experienced archers to answer any questions and help you out. We hope to see lots of you there.

See the link below for more details;

Get Back into Archery