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2019 L&RCAA County Novice Shoot Results

This years County novice shoot was again hosted by the club on Sunday 8th September.

Thanks are due to the Lord Paramount Paramount Fred Stevens, the Judge, Field Captain Vic Simpson, and the Field Party, especially Kim Blakebrough on the day, and all those involved in setting up the field the day before and putting away afterwards. Without all these volunteers a shoot could not be run.

Please follow the link below for the results

8th Sept 2019 – L&RCAA County Novice Shoot

York-Hereford (and Nationals) Tournament – More Entrants, Help (and raffle prizes) Needed

This year we a have a clash with a county match and so the number of entries is down significantly. It would be nice to see more of our members shooting – not to win but just to take part. You don’t have to shoot the full York/Hereford distance, you can choose to shoot the shorter versions, or just do the National in the afternoon. Give me a call if you want to enter, but need some advice on what to do.

HELP IS NEEDED on the day and on the day before (no experience is necessary; there will be people around to show you what to do). Some people have let me know that they can help, Thank-you. BUT, I don’t know if I will have enough people at the field on Saturday afternoon to set up the field or on Sunday to finish set up, help with parking, run catering, and act as Field Party.

If you have anything suitable for a raffle prize:- unwanted gifts, beer, wine, chocs, etc and would like to donate them for the raffle please bring them along to the clubhouse or the tournament.

Saturday 25th:

    Afternoon – from 3pm at the field to prepare the field : set out distance markers, bosses and rope off the parking area.

Sunday 26th   

    Early morning – from 8:00am to finish setting up: Put up gazebos, put faces on bosses, help out in the kitchen, sign people in, guide contestant parking etc.

    Throughout the day – field party members to: assist judges changing faces, etc; and people to help with catering, selling raffle tickets, etc.

    Evening from approx. 5pm – Put the bosses and gazebos away and clear up.

If you have any questions please let Quentin (who has kindly agreed to help with the field arrangements) or me know, or send me an email (

Neill Brown
Tournament Organiser,