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Maggie Squires Coaching Day

Hi Everyone,

I am organising a coaching day with Maggie Squires (senior AGB coach) one weekend day in late October/November. If you google Maggie Squires you’ll see she is very well experienced with both bow styles and is an incredible coach. It’s currently open to 3 recurvers and 3 compounders. The day will be split into 2 sessions one for compounds and one for recurves. If I have more interest then I will ask her if I can add a few more people. This is a great opportunity and the cost will be split between everyone for the day. It currently will be £25 per person (with 6 people) which is very cheap for a senior coach as some charge up to £60 an hour. If you’re interested can you please email me at

Thank you! Hannah Powe

Up Coming Events – Updated

Events updated 3rd Sept

16th September Club Championships 1 – 6 pm Sunday
Open to club members only – the field is closed during this event
You need to book in, arrive by 12.30 pm to set out field & get ready, it starts promptly at 1 pm
Costs £6 for adults & £4 for juniors, shooting a Long Metric 3 & 3 dozen arrows at distances determined by age
You will then be seeded by bow type and shoot a Head to Head Competition with a Plate Competition for those eliminated in the first round.
Winner prizes & medals for the Long Metric as well as prizes for the Head to Heads
At the end of the shoot a communal meal is provided, bring your own plates & cutlery

22nd September Work Party Day 10am to 4pm Saturday

Clearing up – making stands, painting, repairing arrows, stc – there will be a job for everyone

3rd November Halloween shoot 5-9 pm Saturday
Open to club members only – the field is closed during this event
No booking in, all kit provided by the club, arrive by 5.30 pm to sort out your arrows
This is an atmospheric shoot which is done in twilight, it needs to be experienced not described!
Costs £6 for adults & £4 for Juniors, shooting close range lit targets
During the shoot, soup & roll will be served, bring your own cut out pumpkin which
will become one of the targets.

Tuesdays Coaching – weather permitting 4 pm onwards

If you are not sure who the coaches are their pictures are on the noticeboard in the club hut.

Wednesdays Club night shooting various rounds 6.30 pm onwards

A schedule of rounds to be shot are in the club hut (and via the link above), everyone is welcome, there might even be cake!!

Sundays Twiglets (Juniors) 1 – 4 pm

This is specifically for Junior archers to shoot rounds & be coached – often fun rounds are shot.

Committee Meetings – are open to all and are held on the first Monday in every month starting a 7 .30 pm

Your Help Required -everything done at the club is by volunteers. Therefore are you doing your bit to help look after and maintain the club. Cleaning up after making  drinks, removing rubbish, recycling, and keeping the field tidy all help towards making our club the best it can be. Keep an eye out for volunteering opportunities to help run club shoots, tournaments & fun days. Every little helps.

Volunteers for Thistly Meadow Primary School Summer Fete

Good morning everybody. I am looking for a couple of volunteers to help me out at the Thistly Meadow Primary School, summer fete on 7th July. We will be there for up to four hours between 1pm and 5pm, depending on interest on the day. I will also need help both before and after the event, to load and unload the trailer. If interested, can you please contact Mark Okuniewski, so i can start organising things.

On behalf of Mark