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L&R300 Postal League

Message from Kim Blakebrough

Dear member,

This year I will be running the L&R300 postal league instead of Gill Brown.

The L&R 300 postal league is open to Juniors & Seniors from all Clubs affiliated to L&RCAA  it is an inter-club team competition which is shot each month from October to March with the exception of December. (Scores from December and January are merged into 1 month)

The L&R 300 round consists of a dozen (12) arrows at three (3) different target faces (Portsmouth, WA18 & Worcester) arranged together on the same boss (see attached example), 3 dozen (36) arrows in total are shot. The maximum score achievable is 300, hence the name of the round.

When only 1 archer wishes to shoot the round, one side of the boss can be used as long as faces are placed at the appropriate position/height.

The suggested shooting pattern is 3 ends of 4 arrows. The round progresses quite quickly and can easily be accommodated within an evening session.

Basic Rules

The round may be shot any number of times by an archer in the designated period and the best score entered.

You must score each round on the L&R300 Scoresheets only. These will be made available for both indoor and outdoor shooting.

‣ Two ends of 4 arrows may be shot as sighters.

‣ The round can only be shot once per session.

‣ 3 archers of any bow discipline will make up a team; the 3 best scorers in a month the first team the next 3 the second team etc. Team members may vary   from month to month.

‣ For compound archers the ‘inner 10 ring’ rule applies on the Portsmouth and WA18 faces.

‣ For compound archers the ‘X’ count should be recorded when shooting the 5 Spot Worcester.

‣ Medals will only be awarded to archers who have shot at least 3 out of the 5 months.

‣ Team medals will be issued to 3 archers only. To be decided by the number of months archers have appeared in the team during the season, scores will be taken into account if required.

‣ In the event of any dispute the Organiser is the sole decision maker.

‣ Results for each month will be displayed on the L&RCAA web site. There will be individual (for archers forming part of a team) and team leagues.

Individual medals for the highest placed Juniors & Seniors will be handed to Club Reps at the end of the competition.

There will also be medals for members of the top 3 placed Teams (Juniors & Seniors), dependent upon entries.

The Charlesworth Cup for the winning Junior Team & a Senior Cup donated by Melton Mowbray Archery Club for the winning Senior Team will be presented at the County Awards.

The dates that the scoresheets need to be in by for each designated period are below. Please be aware that in order to get them sent off on that date I will need them in at least the day before so I can input them into the spreadsheet.

If for any reason I am not available to hand your form to, you can send them to my email address below.

Thanks all,


Designated Period Deadlines

October – in by 3rd November

November – in by 8th December

December/January – in by 9th February

February – in by 8th March

March – in by 5th April

You must get your scoresheets to me at least one day prior to the deadline date.

2019 L&RCAA County Novice Shoot Results

This years County novice shoot was again hosted by the club on Sunday 8th September.

Thanks are due to the Lord Paramount Paramount Fred Stevens, the Judge, Field Captain Vic Simpson, and the Field Party, especially Kim Blakebrough on the day, and all those involved in setting up the field the day before and putting away afterwards. Without all these volunteers a shoot could not be run.

Please follow the link below for the results

8th Sept 2019 – L&RCAA County Novice Shoot

PopeYoungish Fun Shoot summary

Many thanks to all the archers for supporting the POPE – YOUNGish FunShoot on Saturday 31/08/2019 and the weather stayed fine to have a couple of extra games.

There were 16 archers, including 2 students, 2 juniors and what seemed to be a number of infants. After just one end most found that 45 seconds is plenty of time to shoot 6 arrows – as long as you’re not worried about direction …. or distance. Unfortunately nobody had a ‘6 scoring arrows’ end, so mystery prize remained unclaimed. Although a small (?) number of ‘no scoring arrows’ ends were noted.

After no KRCs* the results were:

1st place Dave Whiffin with 116 points

2nd place Khizar Ibrahim with 75 points

3rd place Alan Zenthon with 67 points

To carry on the club tradition of supporting charities, half of the monies collected were donated to the charity  –  Aspire Channel Swim 2019 | Swimming Challenge For Charity – that Nicola Theakston is swimming 22 miles for, to raise money to support people with a spinal cord injury.

But it was also noted that accuracy had been held back for the “no-beer” beer leg. Each archer put £1 into the pot, then 5 people shot 1st of three arrows then another five people then another five. Then everyone shot their 2nd arrow, then their 3rd arrow. And the nearest the + won the pot. The (very) lucky winner was John Knowles – all the practise with a compound bow paying off at last.


We received:

  • £16 from previous fun shoot
  • £74.50 from entry fees and food purchases
  • £5 from non-shooting member

We have used this as:

  • £16 on food
  • £37.50 donated to Aspire Channel Swim 2919
  • £42.00 in hand for future events (includes £5 from non-shooting member)

*KRC = Kens Rule Change

New Boss Covers

You may have noticed that some of the field bosses now have new covers on them. This is to protect the foam inserts from the rain, the cold and damp conditions, to try to preserve the foam so that it will need replacing less frequently.

The covers have been specially made to fit the bosses at quite a cost and so when you come to use one of the bosses, YOU MUST NOT LEAVE THE COVERS NEXT TO OR BEHIND THE BOSS WHILE YOU SHOOT.

The covers MUST be taken off the field and placed behind the equipment line while shooting and put back on when you have finished. If you feel that you may miss the target and potentially hit the target next to it, can you please make sure to remove that cover as well.

Anyone found not to be adhering to this advice and subsequently damages the covers by accidentally shooting them, will be charged up to £50 for a replacement.

Each cover can be put on and taken off by one person.

The cover sits on the top corners of the boss and then using the bungee cords (3 on each side) is secured in place by looping the cords over the hooks at the back off the boss

If you have any questions or are not quite sure how to remove/fit them, please ask someone for help or guidance.