PopeYoungish Fun Shoot summary

Many thanks to all the archers for supporting the POPE – YOUNGish FunShoot on Saturday 31/08/2019 and the weather stayed fine to have a couple of extra games.

There were 16 archers, including 2 students, 2 juniors and what seemed to be a number of infants. After just one end most found that 45 seconds is plenty of time to shoot 6 arrows – as long as you’re not worried about direction …. or distance. Unfortunately nobody had a ‘6 scoring arrows’ end, so mystery prize remained unclaimed. Although a small (?) number of ‘no scoring arrows’ ends were noted.

After no KRCs* the results were:

1st place Dave Whiffin with 116 points

2nd place Khizar Ibrahim with 75 points

3rd place Alan Zenthon with 67 points

To carry on the club tradition of supporting charities, half of the monies collected were donated to the charity  –  Aspire Channel Swim 2019 | Swimming Challenge For Charity – that Nicola Theakston is swimming 22 miles for, to raise money to support people with a spinal cord injury.

But it was also noted that accuracy had been held back for the “no-beer” beer leg. Each archer put £1 into the pot, then 5 people shot 1st of three arrows then another five people then another five. Then everyone shot their 2nd arrow, then their 3rd arrow. And the nearest the + won the pot. The (very) lucky winner was John Knowles – all the practise with a compound bow paying off at last.


We received:

  • £16 from previous fun shoot
  • £74.50 from entry fees and food purchases
  • £5 from non-shooting member

We have used this as:

  • £16 on food
  • £37.50 donated to Aspire Channel Swim 2919
  • £42.00 in hand for future events (includes £5 from non-shooting member)

*KRC = Kens Rule Change