New Boss Covers

You may have noticed that some of the field bosses now have new covers on them. This is to protect the foam inserts from the rain, the cold and damp conditions, to try to preserve the foam so that it will need replacing less frequently.

The covers have been specially made to fit the bosses at quite a cost and so when you come to use one of the bosses, YOU MUST NOT LEAVE THE COVERS NEXT TO OR BEHIND THE BOSS WHILE YOU SHOOT.

The covers MUST be taken off the field and placed behind the equipment line while shooting and put back on when you have finished. If you feel that you may miss the target and potentially hit the target next to it, can you please make sure to remove that cover as well.

Anyone found not to be adhering to this advice and subsequently damages the covers by accidentally shooting them, will be charged up to £50 for a replacement.

Each cover can be put on and taken off by one person.

The cover sits on the top corners of the boss and then using the bungee cords (3 on each side) is secured in place by looping the cords over the hooks at the back off the boss

If you have any questions or are not quite sure how to remove/fit them, please ask someone for help or guidance.