BLESMA Charity Event – Updated

Message From Hannah Powe:

Hi everyone,
I thought I would give an overview of the BLESMA event that happened at the field on Sunday 24th March, and I would like to start by giving a massive thank you to all of those who came along to help both on the day and the days prior to help get the field looking its best! I think I
can safely say on behalf of all those who were at the event that it was one of the best days I have experienced in my time at LAOFAC. For those who aren’t aware BLESMA is a charity for veterans who are missing at least
one limb or have suffered major wounds from serving our country. I’m just going to go through what went well and what can be improved on so that we can make these kinds of events even better in the future as well as giving those who weren’t able to attend a run through of the day.
We had set up the field with the low bosses on the left and three 20 yard full face bosses with the beginners bows to shoot at. We then had the scattered animals and a 15 yard boss for balloons with the snake bows. I think this worked well as it gave those with less strength in their arms to focus solely on the low targets with snake bows and those who wanted more of a challenge to shoot at the targets.
Just before 10am the Royal British Legion Riders, a motorcycle branch of the Royal British Legion, arrived at the field. One of the best ideas of the day (from Steve Gill) was when making drinks to have almost a Starbucks style
of writing names and orders on the disposable cups in Sharpie making it easier to remember whose was whose and who wanted what. A special mention of thanks has to go to Darren McDonald who made the tea and coffee nonstop throughout the day and even made all the volunteers drinks who were sat down at the end of the day.
Once a quick talk had been done by Fred and Steve (and the health and safety bits from Alan) we got everyone shooting. I think what worked well here was that although there may not have been a huge amount of coaches, there were a lot of experienced archers available so no participant was left unattended.
One thing that might have needed improving on was when people got more arrows out the shed so we did not know how many were on the field which made counting them out difficult at the end of the day (but this seems to be a reoccurring issue at most of the events we do).
The BBQ worked well with Steve and Mark manning the station, we made 70 Burgers and just ran out so it was a good amount for the amount of people we had! I know there was a suggestion of bacon and sausages but I feel this would have added too much complication, but can be looked into for the future.

Photo’s courtesy of Alan Turner