Work Party – Saturday 4th April

Work Party Day – from 10 am on Saturday 4th January 2020

 We are calling for all volunteers to undertake the following tasks:

Must Do’s
1. Put wheels back on tournament bosses and put away at top of field
2. Sort out back shed
3. Repair damaged bosses
4. Litter picking and general clearing of unwanted rubbish (such as broken slabs and poles) and put in skip or bins as appropriate
5. Check out new hedge rows and make sure they are growing and that no weeds are interfering with them
6. Put cut up wood in wood store
7. Look at fencing at bottom of field and fix as necessary
8. Mark out field with tufts
9. Grass seed the shooting line
10. Shorten bungees on boss covers
11. Fit removable numbers on back of bosses
12. Cut grass (weather and equipment availability dependent)
13. Move pea gravel to side of field
14. Remove last 2 poles from undercover shooting area and fill in holes with top soil
15. Wood Stain tables
16. Weeding and planting
17. Jet wash slabs, table areas
CLUB Hut, Toilets & Containers
18. Clean kitchen cupboards and remove mice mess (CH)
19. Clean toilets of cobwebs and bugs (Cleaners and gloves provided)
20. Tidy up garage and fix door
21. Tidy up coaches shed (inc. covers back on gazebos)
22. Fix slabs on slope
23. Fix sill above coaches shed door
24. Use some pea gravel to fill in holes in parking area
25. Lift up gate
26. Oil all padlocks

If you are able to attend could you please email