The Foxes Contesthorpe Triple competition for 2017-2018

The Foxes Archery Club will again be hosting the first two rounds of the Countesthorpe Triple with ourselves hosting the third event at Brockington (tbc).

The Countesthorpe Triple will be shot over three rounds – The Foxes Portsmouth on 12th November 2017, The Foxes UK Record Status Worcester on 10th December 2017, and LAOFAC’s WA18 UKRS on 21st January 2018.

A separate entry form is required for the Countesthorpe Triple and competitors are responsible for making sure that they enter each of the separate stages using separate entry forms for each event.

Entry forms for the Triple, The Foxes Portsmouth and The Foxes Worcester can be found on their “events” page.

Closing date for the Portsmouth is the 6th November, for the Countesthorpe Triple 12th November and for the Worcester the 2nd December.

Full details, entry form and online payment for the WA18m tournament can be found here;

WA18 UKRS tournament