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Field layout

The field has been set out for the 2017 outdoor season and all members are requested to help maintain the layout throughout the season.

Please feel free to move any wheeled boss up or down the field to your required distance but please ensure the boss is returned to its original position once you have finished shooting.

There are 2 static bosses set at the 20 Yard mark at the left and right most edges of the shooting area, please do not shoot outside of these bosses.

Many thanks and happy shooting.

Field Party update

Many thanks to everyone who braved the weather and helped with the field party work.

Due to the rain/sleet/snow the painting work had to be postponed. Planning permission needs to be sort to put down a hard surface for parking in front of the flower pots, so a further field party will be needed later in the year, watch this space for details.

Charity Shoot and York-Hereford Entry Forms

These tournaments are now open for entries. We are using a new online entry system for the first time this year (please let Neill know if you have any problems – secretary@laofac.com.)

For LAOFAC members, it is similar to the external entrants process below, but by logging into the membership site (paysubsonline.com) and selecting the Events option, most of the form will be pre-filled in – and if you have already pre-authorised payments you will not need to enter your bank details again as the direct debit will automatically be applied. Please note that members may not receive the confirmation emails at the moment – were trying to fix that).

The new process is…

  1. Access the new system from the Tournaments page, or from the Individual Event.
  2. Select the event from the list of all events (eg click on ’27th Annual Charity Shoot’),
  3. Select the number of entries in each category (Senior/Junior/Round – you can book and pay for more than one person in one go).
  4. Fill in full details for each person entering,
  5. Make an online payment from your bank account via a one off direct debit. Please note this may take up to 7 days to be applied to your account and the bank transaction will show as ‘GoCardless’).

You will receive 2 email confirmations – one confirming the amount and another confirming that your event entry has been received.